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"Around you, braided like the straws of a nest, are the soft lines of the hill slopes... Nested in the valley of the hills, the city with its gardens, its hovels, its rags, its treasures, the earth and harmony of its elongated body, and its head topped by his openwork tower. "Romain Rolland

Clamecy, small town of the Nièvre in Burgundy, is located about 2 h 30 mins away from Paris. Capital of the wooden floats, the medieval town of Clamecy knows how to welcome and entertain you. Clamecy has been twinned with the city of Gelnhausen (Germany) since 1962 and the city of Grandes-Piles (Québec) since 1996.

In the heart of the city, the Hostellerie de la Poste, ideally located near major tourist sites, will be the starting point for your visits and excursions.

Civilisation channel:

Started in 1784 to allow the transport of firewood to Paris, the Nivernais canal winds its way through the heart of the Nièvre and the Yonne. 174 km long, it connects the basin of the Loire to that of the Seine, from Saint-Léger-des-Vignes to Auxerre. Reserved today exclusively for boating, it is considered by tourists as one of the most beautiful canals in Europe.

The floaters ballad :

From Lac des Settons to Clamecy, the trail of the companions floats crosses the Nivernais country along the rivers and canal of the Nivernais.

A beautifully historical itinerary closest to nature, to recall the activity of those who, for 400 years, transported firewood from the Morvan to Paris.

The tour of Burgundy by bike :

In the middle of nature, this exceptional bike route of 180 km (from Saint-Léger-des-Vignes to Auxerre) follows the path of the Nivernais Canal.

It is exclusively dedicated to pedestrians, bicycles and any rolling machine, not motorized of course.

The eternal hill of Vézelay

Bistro Clamecy

Less than 20 minutes away, discover this major place of Christianity frequented since the Middle Ages and a rallying point for the pilgrims en route to Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

Saved from ruin by Viollet-le-Duc, the basilica is an undisputed masterpiece of the Romanesque art. Vézelay has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. For more information, please visit www.vezelaytourisme.com.

The castle of Bazoches

Bistro Clamecy

30 minutes away, the Castle of Bazoches, with in line of sight, Vézelay. This castle was built in the 12th century. It was the home of the Marechal de Vauban. It is in the large gallery of the castle, of more than 300 structures and fortresses (Saint-Martin-de-Ré, Besançon, Briançon...)that Vauban planned and construted.

The castle is a private property classified as a historical monument. It is open to the public every day from March to November. Information on 03 86 22 10 22 or on www.chateau-bazoches.com.

Medieval Chantier of Guédelon

At less than an hour away, you will find yourself totally immersed in the past!

Extract from the Guédelon website:

"They found a wild site, an old wooded quarry, a landscape befitting the year 1000. With this stone and this wood, they build a castle in the respect of the techniques of the 13th century. About fifty workers take up a challenge, among, carriers, stone cutters, masons, lumberjacks, carpenters, blacksmiths, tiliers, carters, basket-makers, tailors... build a real castle day after day in front of thousands of visitors. "

The Medieval site of Guédelon is open from March to November.D955 89520 TREIGNY

Phone : 03 86 45 66 66 or on www.guedelon.fr

Hostellerie de la Poste offers bicycles. Make your request at the reception and we will be happy to lend you and advise you on the places you should visit.

Our partners :

More than a list of partners, find here our favorites, our meetings, our places of relaxation...

A vineyard to discover

After several centuries of prosperity, the vineyard of Tannay had almost disappeared. In 1995, when only 40 hectares remained, a handful of enthusiasts decides to upgrade this forgotten place and to reconnect with the wine tradition of yesteryears. The Melon and Chardonnay grape varieties were mainly replanted. Pinot and Gamay complete the vineyard. The Melon is a grape variety originating in Burgundy. By restoring them and giving them a place of choice in their production, the vine growers have chosen to preserve the typicality of their wine heritage.

Cellar masters and producers welcome you to the Tannaysian cellars located in the heart of the village of Tannay. Knock on the door of the independent winemakers, they will open their domain to you. In Clamecy, the cellars also offer other wines and spirits. Ask us for our addresses.

Bistro  Clamecy

Wellness and relaxation in Clamecy

Espace Chrysalide, located opposite the Hostellerie, Catherine Mer the physiotherapist, welcomes you in this new space: fitness, relaxation, vibrating platform, oscillating, slimming cocoon, electrotherapy,03 86 22 24 01.

L'Échoppe Perfumery, Monnaie road, perfumery, beauty salon 03 86 27 19 39.

Stengel Beauté Nature, place du 19 August, sale of natural and organic cosmetics, SPA treatments and aesthetics 100% natural www.stengelbeautenature.com or 03 86 27 14 71.Clamecy Hotels


Pâtisserie-chocolaterie Emmanuel Portal, Monnaie road 03 86 27 04 19


Faïencerie Colas, know-how and respect for the craft tradition,​​​​​www.faiencerie-colas.com.

Have you ever heard of floats?

Flotescale is an association that retraces the journey of these men who have supplied wood to the city of Paris for more than four centuries.

03 86 24 27 31

Other Possibility of Accommodation...

Restaurant Clamecy

Cottage in a large Burgundy farmhouse just 12 km away from Clamecy

Florence and Pascal VAN DE CAPPELLE welcome you to their lodge....5 rue Georges Coutin

Tel.: 06 12 42 95 45 or 06 16 49 06 64

Amateur of golf?

Bistro  Clamecy

Located one hour from Clamecy, the Golf de Sancerre will make you have a good time. This course is traced in the midst of hundred-year-old trees, embellished with natural water obstacles and is recognised as one of the most attractive in the centre of France.

If you do not have experience in the field, the formula discovery will allow you to familiarise yourself with this sport for a very interesting price.

02 48 54 11 22

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